Bilateral Workshop of China-Switzerland Synthetic Biology Held at Qingdao Campus

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 Bilateral Workshop of China-Switzerland Synthetic Biology, hosted by State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology of SDU, took place at Qingdao Campus of SDU from April 10 to April 12.

The workshop aimed to improve exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Swedish scientists in synthetic biology.

On April 11, experts and young scholars of synthetic biology from home and abroad made informative academic reports, including Professor Jens Nielsen, an expert on synthetic biology from Chalmers University of Technology and foreign academician of the National Academy of Engineering, USA, Dina Petravonic, an associate professor of Chalmers University of Technology. Teachers and students had in-depth communication and discussion of related researches with reporters.

On the next day, experts and scholars attending the workshop discussed the prospects of synthetic biology and its influence on future society in the session. In addition, they exchanged opinions and discussed the academic development and research subjects of SDU in this field.


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