Shengying Li

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University of Michigan

Medicinal Chemistry



Xiamen University




Xiamen University



Research Experience





State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, Shandong University



Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology



Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Life Sciences Institute, University of Michigan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Alluvium Biosciences Inc.

Research Scientist


Research Interests

Biosynthetic P450 enzymes;

Natural product biosynthesis;

Industrial Strain Improvement.


Research Projects

1. 01/2020-12/2024 Screening and identification of plastic-degrading bacteria/enzymes (合成塑料高效生物降解的关键技术-课题一-合成塑料降解菌/酶的筛选及鉴定), The Ministry of Science and Technology of China (国家重点研发计划项目,2019YFA0706901)

2. 12/2019-12/2024 Rational design of cytochrome P450 enzymes for selective oxidation of C-H bonds (碳-氢键选择性氧化P450酶的人工设计), Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Province (山东省自然科学基金重大基础研究项目,ZR2019ZD20)

3. 01/2019-12/2022Construction of Artificial Yeast Liver to accurately mimic the physiological behaviors of human liver cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (创建精准模拟人类肝脏CYPs生理行为的酵母人工肝),National Natural Science Foundation of China (面上项目,NSFC 31872729)

4. 03/2018-02/2020Microbial cell factories for fatty acid derivatives by cytochrome P450 enzymes coupled to unnatural cofactors (耦合非天然辅酶的P450脂肪酸衍生细胞工厂,大连化物所—青岛能源所融合基金, DICP&QIBEBT UN201706)

5. 08/2017-07/2019Biosynthetic Pathway Reconstruction ofHigh-value Natural ProductBased onP450CatalyticElements (基于P450催化元件的高值天然产物生物合成途径重构), Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Province (山东省自然科学基金重大基础研究项目, ZR2017ZB0207)

6. 09/2017-09/2019Proof of Concept of Pathway Integration forα-Olefin Biosynthesis in Photosynthetic Microorganisms, TOTAL, Research Program Agreement between TOTAL Marketing Services and QIBEBT(国际合作项目)

7. 01/2018-12/2018Deep Mining of Bioactive Natural Products from a Tropical Marine Streptomyces Strain (一株热带海洋链霉菌活性天然产物资源的深度挖掘),National Natural Science Foundation of China (应急管理项目,NSFC81741155)

8. 01/2016-12/2020Rational design of cytochrome P450 enzymes for selective oxidation of C-H bonds (碳-氢键选择性氧化P450酶的人工设计研究, 中科院前沿科学重点研究计划, QYZDB-SSW-SMC042)

9. 10/2015-03/2017Improving C12 activity of new decarboxylase encoding sequences, TOTAL, Research Program Agreement between TOTAL Marketing Services and QIBEBT(国际合作项目)

10. 01/2015-12/2017Biosynthesis of Microbial Secondary Metabolites (微生物次级代谢产物生物合成), National Natural Science Foundation of China (优秀青年基金项目,NSFC 31422002)

11. 01/2015-12/2018Biosynthetic Mechanisms and Synthetic Biology of Fungal Alkaloid Brevianamides (真菌生物碱Brevianamides的生物合成机制与合成生物学研究), National Natural Science Foundation of China (面上项目,NSFC 21472204)

12. 01/2015-12/2017Microbial Biosynthesis (微生物生物合成), Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Province (山东省杰出青年基金项目, JQ201407)

13. 10/2013-09/2014Production of α-alkenes with aviation fuel properties inEscherichia coli, BOEING, QIBEBT Collaboration Agreement for a Joint Research Laboratory for Sustainable Aviation Biofuels(国际合作项目)

14. 01/2013-12/2016Studies on Enzymology, Bioengineering and Combinatorial Biosynthesis of A P450 Fatty Acid Decarboxylase (一种P450脂肪酸脱羧酶的酶学、酶工程及组合生物合成研究), National Natural Science Foundation of China (面上项目,NSFC 31270855)


Representative Publications


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2.Li, S.*, Du, L., and Bernhardt, R.* Redox partners: Function modulators of bacterial P450 enzymes.Trends Microbiol.2020, doi.org/10.1016/j.tim.2020.02.012.

3. Jiang, Y., Li, Z., Zheng, S., Xu, H., Zhou, Y. J., Gao, Z., Meng, C. *, andLi, S.* Establishing an enzyme cascade for one-pot production of α-olefns from low-cost triglycerides and oils without exogenous H2O2addition.Biotechnol. Biofuels2020, 13, 52.

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Honors and awards

1. Nov. 2019 ICBS-2019 Young Chemical Biologist Award

2. Aug. 2014The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars (优青)

3. Sept. 2011Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute (MMPEI) Postdoctoral Fellowship

4. Apr. 2010National Award for Outstanding Chinese PhD Student Abroad 2009

5. Dec. 2005NR-BLAKE,MR. AND MRS. EDWARD Fellowship, College of Pharmacy, The University of Michigan



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12. Method for detecting hydrogen peroxide conversion activity of an enzyme. Li Shengying, Xu Huifang, Ning Linlin.( EP17290115.9)

13. Improved cytochrome P450 fatty acid decarboxylases. Li Shengying, Xu Huifang, Ning Linlin.( EP18290089.4)

14. 李盛英,李众,杜磊,张兴旺,张伟。一种巴弗洛霉素高产工程菌及其构建和应用(申请号:201811634377.7)

15. 李盛英,李众。一类四环二萜类化合物及其制备方法与应用(申请号:201911072144.7)

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